Projeto Amor A Mais

Our Social Project

Amor a Mais. Donate love everyday. Love your neighbor as yourself. Donate love.

The creation of the Amor a Mais Project is the materialization of a dream that began in 2008, through an initiative by MED MAIS president, Victor Reis.


The project’s objective is to exercise the company’s social responsibility and reach communities where there is social vulnerability, transforming people through action and volunteering.

Volunteer employees and their partners, Instituto Filhos do Brasil and the Instituto Amigos do Caminho, participates of the Amor a Mais


Meet our trajectory.

imagem Who we are?

Who we are?

A group of people engaged in giving their love and time to communities that need social transformation and acceptance.

We aim to promote basic care to institutes, daycare centers and non-profit institutions, valuing the quality of life of human beings.

Our purpose

We believe that love can transform the world and our key word is “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Our mission is to engage people and entities to donate love and gain gratitude. 

“Put a little love into every gesture you make and receive gratitude as a reward.”

Our partners

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