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SESMT means Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine. It is regulated by the Regulatory Standard NR4 of the Ordinance n°3.214, of June 8, 1978.

According to this standard, private or public companies that have employees governed by the Consolidation of Labor Laws must have the SESMT.
The degree of risk can be obtained according to the labor law and is shown in table I of the National Classification of Economic Activities of the Regulatory Standard.

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What is the function of SESMT?

Bring quality of life to the work environment, promote health and protect the physical integrity of employees through health mapping and the use of indicators. SESMT also aims to avoid accidents at work.   SESMT management uses several strategies. This can be done through alerts and instructions on occupational diseases and risks inherent in work activity. 

What indicators does SESMT need to monitor?

  1. Almost accidents;
  2. Accidents at work;
  3. Integration of employees in occupational health and safety management;
  4. Implementation, monitoring and applicability of Regulatory Standards;
  5. Personal protective equipment;
  6. PPRA e PCMSO;
  7.  Internal commission and accident prevention;
  8. Turnover indicators;
  9. Absenteeism;
  10. Unhealthy and dangerousness;
  11. Signability of the healthy plan;
  12.  Occupational diseases ;

Is it possible to outsource SESMT? 

Yes. The outsourcing of SESMT, in addition to reducing spending, centralizes all the demands of the segment in an expert company, as Med Mais. 

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